selling on Etsy

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I MADE MY FIRST SALE ON ETSY!  I posted a few things a couple months back just to see what would happen.  I was making art for my room in Texas and about 8 different Save the Date templates for a friend.  So, I thought, Why not try to sell them.  A few months later, here I am!  My first sale!  I am excited that someone appreciated my work.  I’m very thankful, actually.

My first sale!

So I just wanted to share that tidbit and also take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been reading my blog, looking at my photography on Facebook, and supporting me.  My photography and Photoshop creations are things that I like to do for fun, but it is nice to know that people appreciate those things.  It’s also a nice little extra money for this college kid on a budget.

Again, thank you, thank you, thank you.  Thank you for booking photo shoots with me.  Thank you for purchasing pictures from me.  Thank you for purchasing save the dates.  Thank you for loving what I do so that I can continue to do what I love!

You can visit my Etsy shop here, or my Facebook page here.



my visit to Baylor

Y’all, let me just say that I am thrilled about my pick for grad school.  I flew out to Waco, Texas to visit Baylor this past weekend, and it was fabulous!  I’m gonna post some pictures and let them pretty much speak for themselves! (Okay, okay, you know I’m gonna add some captions in there!)

I still think Mercer’s bear statue has this one beat, but at least this lil bear has a name! The beautiful building in the background is the 9-yr-old Baylor Sciences Building.
Had to take a photo under a Baylor sign in my Baylor t-shirt. The fam all wore Baylor shirts on the way home. Matching, how cute!
How excited do I look to be going to Baylor? I am HUGE on school spirit, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be attending Baylor in the fall.
Yet another photo under the BU sign. Can’t have too many, in my opinion!
In front of the house I will be living in with two second-year students! It’s absolutely gorgeous inside and out!
Fabulous Mexican restaurant in downtown Waco!
On the Burleson Quad in front of Burleson Hall, which currently houses the BARC, short for Baylor Autism Resources Center.
Last, but certainly not least is the best photo I got of one of the two REAL LIVE BAYLOR BEARS! Not sure if this is Joy or Lady, but she is absolutely stunning. Wouldn’t you agree?

pieces of the puzzle

I’m not sure what we were doing in this moment or what made us smile so much, but I’m thankful for whatever it was and whoever captured this moment.  I spend so much time behind my own camera that I am rarely the subject of a candid photograph.

Sometimes when I see myself in a photograph like this, I am momentarily taken aback.  I have this image in my head of what I look like and who I am, but that rarely matches up with what I see when I look in a mirror or at myself in a photo.  In my mind’s eye, my self image is composed of my personal experiences that have made me into the person I am today.  It’s not so much a single image as it is a collage of all the different versions of myself that I have grown through in my lifetime.  I always find it really hard to describe to others, but I still see myself as the four-year-old who sucked her thumb and the ten-year-old with the goofy glasses and the awkward middle-schooler with braces and colored contact lenses.  I see myself as the high school cheerleader who dated a football/baseball player yet was not at all in the popular crowed.  I am still that freshman in college who cringed at the thought of being surrounded by people at a frat party.  I have spent more time with myself than anyone else has, and I know myself better than anyone else.

Yet, I still have this realization that perhaps my view of myself is skewed from how others see me.  Perhaps that’s because most people seem to come and go so frequently that they only catch a relatively small glimpse of the person I am in this very moment.  It’s not everyday that you find a friend who seeks to understand the person you were 5, 10, or 15 years ago.  It is always easier to assume that who someone is on the outside is a direct reflection of the person they are on the inside–the cumulation of years of life.   Most people are content with the pieces of the puzzle that are most appealing to them–typically the corner & edge pieces.  What’s on the outside.  What’s easiest to get to.  Nobody has all of the pieces to the puzzle.

Sometimes though, I realize that not even I have all the pieces. God has this wonderful master plan where he knows the future and the woman that I will become.  I can take comfort and find peace in that, knowing that no matter who I’ve been or who I will become, God has all of the pieces, and he is working all things together for my good (Rom. 8:28).


a mercer path

This is a photo that I took using a black and white film camera.  I was in a photography class where I developed the rolls of film and produced the photos using an enlarger and light sensitive photo paper.  This was one of my favorite paths at Mercer University until they recently took out all the bricks and paved a cement walkway.  Just goes to show that paths change, for better or worse.

More to come on my experiences at Mercer for my undergraduate work.