may goals

“Oh no! I completely forgot my April goals,” was my first thought when I sat down to write this post.  Obviously not a good sign. Yet, I somehow managed to accomplish quite a few goals this month.  May is perhaps one of my favorite months, so I’ve been thinking of some lovely goals for this season. Let’s dive in, shall we?

April Goals

  1. Get out and go:
  2. Write some letters:
    y’all, I’m giving up.  I’ve tried for 2 months straight to make this happen, and the most I could manage was thank-you notes to my practicum supervisors & an electronic letter to my sponsored kiddo in Kenya…wait a second, that’s more than I’ve done all year!
  3. Health kick:
    Lost a couple pounds but not feeling healthier overall.  Definitely a priority for the summer!
  4. Preparing to move:
    Yes, yes, yes. We are SO ready! Winter clothes packed, furniture sold, moving plans made.  Hurry up, July!
  5. Take more photos:
    Yes! Took photos of the puppies and actually carried my real camera to a grad school function. #accomplished


May Goals

  1. Knit a baby blanket:
    At the end of April I got a burning desire to knit something more than a darn scarf.  It is almost summer, after all.  So, since one of my best friends from undergrad is welcoming a newborn home this month, I thought a baby blanket would be a nice challenge & gift! (Here’s to hoping it doesn’t turn out to be a hot mess of yarn!)
  2. Dive into the Word:
    This was somewhat of a goal from April, and I started listening to the Bible before bed and going back to church regularly.  Planning to build on that even more in May.
  3. Relax:
    Having a short break between spring and summer semesters means afternoons by the pool and evenings with friends. Craft days. Lazy days. Movie marathons. Knitting projects. Book reading.  If it’s relaxing, I’ll be doing it this month.
  4. Preparing to move:
    Still working out lots and lots of details for our move, so I’ll keep this goal on here.  It will be a good reminder that July will be here soon & I’ll keep praying for God to prepare a place for us in SC.
  5. Teach Cooper new tricks:
    We’ve had Cooper for a few weeks now and he knows “sit,” but he doesn’t always do it.  I’d like to teach some more commands this month as well!