last first day

IT IS FINISHED!…well, almost. The spring semester is done, and today is my last first day of school. Praise!  Someone take my picture and put it in a frame next to my first day of pre-school picture.  Yes, the one with the blue jean hat to match my blue jean outfit.  Thank you, ’90s.  Anyway, as a celebration for being almost done I wanted to write a post on some things I learned this year.  (Actual celebration to occur in real life with real people and real drinks to occur at a later date.  This will have to do for now.)

  • I found the right profession for me.
    Though I had my share of doubts some days I truly believe school psychology is a perfect fit for my passions and my personality. Organized and detail-oriented? Check! Passionate about kiddos and education? Check! Problem-solver and solution-finder? Check!  I love it–most of it.
    This year I started on practicum where I got to work in the schools with kiddos first-hand.  They’re so fun and fabulous, and I never went home without a story, good or bad.  I also got to consult with teachers, which I enjoyed more than I anticipated.


  • Many things require effort; few things require stress.
    My husband always says that I stress too much, and until a few years ago I just thought that was part of my personality.  I thought that a “healthy level” of stress was required to get stuff done.  This year it really hit me that my high stress levels affect those around me, so I tried to tone it down a bit. (Tried being the key word…)  Come to find out, you can get things done without stressing 24-7 over them! Imagine that!  I used the 4 A’s of stress relief to help!


  • I need positive affirmation daily.
    I will doubt myself until the grades come in, especially if I’m not getting regular feedback along the way.  This year I especially learned that I either need to give myself positive affirmation or ask for feedback.  It also helps to communicate regularly with supervisors and call your mom every once in a while just so she can tell you how fabulous you are.


  • It’s never too late…
    For all the things I’ve learned and all the successes I’ve experienced this year, there have also been times where I wish I had done things differently.  Well, it’s never to late to brush yourself off and try again. (You can dust it off and try again, try again.  Sorry, excuse me while I channel the ’90s and Aaliyah.)

I  seem to be good at the vague posts lately, so I guess I’ll just leave this one here as is.  Happy first last day of class to all of you in the same boat!