spring cleaning whirlwind

Spring cleaning fever hit me today and everyone knows the only way to recover from this kind of fever is to CLEAN!  So that’s exactly what I did.  These days, everyone is into ‘being green’ and Pinterest is overloaded with pins that link to any kind of eco-friendly household cleaner you can imagine.  After less than an hour of searching I found ‘recipes’ for an all-purpose cleaner, a window cleaner, and a hardwood floor cleaner.  Well, I actually found many more cleaners, but those were the ones I decided to make.  Today I made a window cleaner, and I was pleased with the outcome!

I found the recipe here and adjusted a little.
I used the following:
1/4 tsp dawn dish detergent
3 TBSP vinegar
2 cups water
Then I simply mixed everything into my handy spray bottle and voila!  Worked like a charm!  I doubt I’ll ever buy windex again, especially considering I made this cleaner for a fraction of the price!



Over the course of the day I also managed to complete everything on this to-do list:

  • Pack my winter clothes for Texas
  • Organized summer clothes (still a work in progress)
  • Purge & organize the guest bedroom
  • Cleaned the toilets with homemade cleaner (baking soda & vinegar, if ya wanted to know!)
  • Sweep the floors (mopping tomorrow)
  • Make a candle out of a Cutie
  • Make all-purpose cleaner from orange rinds & vinegar (link here)

I still have a little spring cleaning fever, but I think I’ll save more of the cleaning for tomorrow!  Who knew cleaning could be so much fun, inexpensive, and chemical free?  Well now at least we know!