a class-y edition of baylor updates

Register for classes–CHECK! (This is the class-y part of the update ūüėČ
Set up direct deposit to receive money from Baylor–CHECK!
Craft for new room–CHECK!
Planted succulents for new room–CHECK!

Productivity was at an all-time high this week. ¬†Something about spending a week away on vacation makes me want to come home and be as productive as possible. ¬†I’ve done enough this week for the past two weeks, I hope. ¬†While it may not seem like much at first glance, I checked off some major tasks for the summer.

Registering for classes was not quite the nightmare that it was at Mercer, but there were still unknown registration holds to keep me waiting all afternoon. ¬†Everything worked out, though, and I finally registered for courses in statistics, ethics of school psychology, testing, and exceptional children. Let’s take a moment to pause and praise since I no longer have to take unnecessary gen-ed courses! ¬†I made a cute little schedule, and I will be adding hours for my graduate assistantship and hours at the BARC to it soon enough. ¬†(The BARC is the Baylor Autism Resource Center.)


I’m decorating my room in Waco with a travel theme, which means maps, maps, and more maps! ¬†This week I covered some light switch plates and outlet covers with some maps using ModPodge. ¬†I also updated a cork/magnet board with some maps. ¬†I added a diamond with washi tape to represent ADPi! ¬†I thought it turned out really well. ¬†I’m still thinking of what to do for the magnets, though.


I also finally jumped on the bandwagon and planted some succulents, thanks to Cason’s help. ¬†I used an old tin that I got from a thrift store, drilled some holes in the bottom for extra drainage, and planted a small cactus and three types of succulents. ¬†I will have to add a photo later.

I’m getting super excited about moving to Texas, and keeping busy helps the time pass more quickly. ¬†Busy is exactly what I will be for the next several weeks. ¬†This week I am taking engagement pictures, going on vacation to the beach, and attending both bridal and baby showers. ¬†I will be attending weddings of four friends from RUF in college the first two weekends in August. ¬†Busy, busy with loads of wonderful things. ¬†I suppose I will find time to pack somewhere in there, but that will come.

Also, another update that I almost forgot: Cason found a place to live that’s within his budget! ¬†What a blessing! ¬†Well, I will be back when I have more updates!