Here’s the bulleted version of everything that’s been happening lately–just gotta get it out of my head.

  • Finishing 1st full year as a school psychologist–bet you can tell how busy I’ve been by the lack of posting.
  • Besides text messages, I’ve almost completely lost touch with friends, and that stinks! I know it’s been one of my goals to stay in touch better, so I’m hoping to reach out over the summer and visit some friends!
  • This year back home was extremely rough at first, though I’m not sure why. However, it seems like C and I are getting into a good routine lately with each other, family, and friends. We don’t have the whole balance thing figured out yet, but we are working and growing. That’s always the goal!
  • I’ve been working on my personal/mental health more diligently lately, more out of necessity than desire. Here are some things I do on a daily/weekly basis:
    • Reading nightly
    • Knitting (& actually completing projects!)IMG_2536
    • Bubble baths
    • Going to bed at a decent hour (trying to get into a better routine on the weekends)
    • Counseling
    • Physical therapy for my back/neck (tried dry needling last week & I’m not sure how I feel about that yet)
    • Got an Apple watch to help track my activity. Right now I’m trying to get a baseline for steps and hopefully that will lead to motivation for increased activity. It also reminds me to breathe and stand up often, which are two things my counselor and PT encourage.
  • We had a yard sale a couple of weeks ago and cleansed the house! There’s more to be done, but it was a good start to spring cleaning.
  • We changed a light fixture in the kitchen and added a new window treatment, and I love how it brightens the room.


  • We’ve been doing Blue Apron meals, and I am a huge fan. I never thought I would enjoy cooking so much!


  • I’ve been decorating the house more & I brought the Pyrex back out, which is a happy thing.
  • I also finally have my great grandmother’s old bedroom suite in our room. It’s totally different from the rest of the MCM house. Then again, the random vintage things are also different. I guess there’s just an odd, eclectic mix going on in this casa right now. C mostly just rolls with it as long as the TVs are big and the sound system is good. ha!


I think that’s all I have for now, but hopefully I’ll be back soon. I know this isn’t super entertaining, but at least you got a few pics out of this post and a quick update.


spring cleaning

The other night I had a dream that CK and I were moving into a new house, and we decided to get rid of most of the things that we currently own. In my dream I was anxious at first. Then I felt…relieved. free. weightless.

I woke up the next morning and couldn’t shake that feeling of weightlessness. It’s a feeling I haven’t experienced in my waking life in quite some time. and it made me wonder–are all these things weighing me down?

So since the first day of spring was this week, and our home could really use the spring cleaning, I think I’m gonna combine this year’s cleaning with a de-cluttering.

Questions to ask myself:

  • Do I NEED this item?
  • Would someone else enjoy this item more than I do? (Donate!)
  • Have I even used/worn this item since we moved in?
  • Do I need 10 of these?
  • Does this item have a place?

Ready? Set? Go! Let’s live with less and live more!