kickstart your summer with a summer bucket list

The summer is my favorite time of the year, and what better to do than to make a bucket list to get the most out of my summer?!?  This summer’s list seems longer than ones from past years.  I packed this summer full of activities, hoping that it would make my last summer at home the most memorable one yet.  I’m also hoping that keeping busy will make the summer fly because I am eager to get to the grand finale–the big move to Texas!

Without further ado, here’s the tentative bucket list for the summer of 2013:

Summer Bucket List 2013

It’s been proven that people who keep a list of their goals are much more likely to achieve the goals they have than those who do not write them.  So, I always like to include goals for organizing my life and forming more healthy habits.  In the past it has been easier for me to develop certain habits over the summer and work towards maintaining them in the fall.  I actually prefer summer goals over new year’s resolutions, as I have had much more success with summer goals in the past.  So if you haven’t tried a summer bucket/goals list before, I encourage you to try it and let me know how it goes!

I’d love to hear what you have planned for the summer.  Feel free to post your summer events in the comments box below!  Happy Summer!


spring cleaning whirlwind

Spring cleaning fever hit me today and everyone knows the only way to recover from this kind of fever is to CLEAN!  So that’s exactly what I did.  These days, everyone is into ‘being green’ and Pinterest is overloaded with pins that link to any kind of eco-friendly household cleaner you can imagine.  After less than an hour of searching I found ‘recipes’ for an all-purpose cleaner, a window cleaner, and a hardwood floor cleaner.  Well, I actually found many more cleaners, but those were the ones I decided to make.  Today I made a window cleaner, and I was pleased with the outcome!

I found the recipe here and adjusted a little.
I used the following:
1/4 tsp dawn dish detergent
3 TBSP vinegar
2 cups water
Then I simply mixed everything into my handy spray bottle and voila!  Worked like a charm!  I doubt I’ll ever buy windex again, especially considering I made this cleaner for a fraction of the price!



Over the course of the day I also managed to complete everything on this to-do list:

  • Pack my winter clothes for Texas
  • Organized summer clothes (still a work in progress)
  • Purge & organize the guest bedroom
  • Cleaned the toilets with homemade cleaner (baking soda & vinegar, if ya wanted to know!)
  • Sweep the floors (mopping tomorrow)
  • Make a candle out of a Cutie
  • Make all-purpose cleaner from orange rinds & vinegar (link here)

I still have a little spring cleaning fever, but I think I’ll save more of the cleaning for tomorrow!  Who knew cleaning could be so much fun, inexpensive, and chemical free?  Well now at least we know!

scarves galore

I wanted to take a quick minute to post some of the scarves that I have been making over the past couple of months.  When I graduated, I figured I would be going to China mid-February, and I decided not to get a job.  Instead I have been teaching myself to sew on my grandmother’s sewing machine.  So here are four of the scarves that I have made:


I got all of my ideas from Pinterest, but none of them are the exact same, nor are they exact replicas of any I found online.  It was easier and more fun for me to experiment with sizes and see how they  all turned out.  I have posted them in the order that they were made. They are all infinity scarves, and with the exception of the one above, they are all made with knit fabrics.



This red one is my favorite.  It is made from 2 yards of this fabulous knit fabric that I found on sale at JoAnn Fabrics for $5 a yard!  All of the other scarves are made with about a yard of fabric, but this one is more billowy because of the extra yard of fabric.


Mom picked out this fabric in the scarf above for herself.  She liked the smaller scarves, so I was able to make 2 from the 2 yards of fabric I had.  The second one is up for grabs, if anyone wants to make a purchase!
I will have a tutorial on how to make a scarf like the red one above, for anyone who is interested!