may goals

“Oh no! I completely forgot my April goals,” was my first thought when I sat down to write this post.  Obviously not a good sign. Yet, I somehow managed to accomplish quite a few goals this month.  May is perhaps one of my favorite months, so I’ve been thinking of some lovely goals for this season. Let’s dive in, shall we?

April Goals

  1. Get out and go:
  2. Write some letters:
    y’all, I’m giving up.  I’ve tried for 2 months straight to make this happen, and the most I could manage was thank-you notes to my practicum supervisors & an electronic letter to my sponsored kiddo in Kenya…wait a second, that’s more than I’ve done all year!
  3. Health kick:
    Lost a couple pounds but not feeling healthier overall.  Definitely a priority for the summer!
  4. Preparing to move:
    Yes, yes, yes. We are SO ready! Winter clothes packed, furniture sold, moving plans made.  Hurry up, July!
  5. Take more photos:
    Yes! Took photos of the puppies and actually carried my real camera to a grad school function. #accomplished


May Goals

  1. Knit a baby blanket:
    At the end of April I got a burning desire to knit something more than a darn scarf.  It is almost summer, after all.  So, since one of my best friends from undergrad is welcoming a newborn home this month, I thought a baby blanket would be a nice challenge & gift! (Here’s to hoping it doesn’t turn out to be a hot mess of yarn!)
  2. Dive into the Word:
    This was somewhat of a goal from April, and I started listening to the Bible before bed and going back to church regularly.  Planning to build on that even more in May.
  3. Relax:
    Having a short break between spring and summer semesters means afternoons by the pool and evenings with friends. Craft days. Lazy days. Movie marathons. Knitting projects. Book reading.  If it’s relaxing, I’ll be doing it this month.
  4. Preparing to move:
    Still working out lots and lots of details for our move, so I’ll keep this goal on here.  It will be a good reminder that July will be here soon & I’ll keep praying for God to prepare a place for us in SC.
  5. Teach Cooper new tricks:
    We’ve had Cooper for a few weeks now and he knows “sit,” but he doesn’t always do it.  I’d like to teach some more commands this month as well!


welcome home cooper

As part of my 101 in 1001 and our new life together, Cason and I got a puppy! We were planning on waiting until we moved in July, but when we ran into someone selling mini australian shepherds at the farmer’s market we decided we could get a puppy a little earlier.  So, we welcomed home sweet mini Cooper last week.

We think he will end up being about a foot tall and weigh in around 25 pounds.  He was nervous his first night home, but he warmed up quickly.  He loves to play with rope toys and cuddle with his stuffed sheep.  He tries to play with our toy poodle, Georgia, but she does not much like being herded around like a sheep.

Cooper had his first vet appointment on Tuesday and can’t wait until June when he is up to date on shots and can play outside!  We are so excited to welcome him home and can’t wait to share updates with you!

april goals

March flew by, didn’t it?  Check out the post for updates on March goals and what’s to come in April.  Be on the lookout for 101 in 1001 updates as well! I’ve checked some exciting things off the list this month!

March Goals

  1. Get out and go:
    Accomplished! I went to the Waco Farmer’s Market several weekends and enjoyed the sunshine!
  2. Cultivate a sense of peace in my home:
  3. Get ahead in my academics:
    Thank goodness for Spring Break and getting ahead!
  4. Write some letters:
    oops! I carried around note-cards all month and didn’t manage to write one note.  We will carry this over to April!
  5. Spring cleaning:
    We got a lot done in this area this month! Still de-cluttering and preparing for our move in July!

April Goals

  1. Get out and go:
    This goal went so well that I’m keeping it around.  April will be a great month for spending more time outside and enjoying life there.  Adding to this, I want to make time for reading the Bible outside.  God’s word in God’s creation.
  2. Write some letters:
    Carrying over this goal from last month.  School should be more calm in April, so this will be a great month for writing snail mail to friends.
  3. Health kick:
    I started making green tea in March, and I’m not sure why, but it makes me want to have a healthier month in April.  Let’s start with cutting back on soda!
  4. Preparing to move:
    It’ll be good to continue sorting through things and donating items that we don’t need to take with us to South Carolina.  Hey, maybe I can even pack a box or two!
  5. Take more photos:
    I used to take photos all the time, and I loved it.  This month, I’d like to get the real camera out (less iPhone photos!) and take more pictures–nature, puppies, family, anything!

march goals

Well, we made it through February, y’all!  What a tough month it was.  And how relieved I am to see that March is already bringing positive changes.  That being said, there’s always room for improvement.  So, now a quick recap of February goals and the new and improved March goals!

February Goals

  1. Make my health a priority:
    While I’m still working on carving out quite time each day, I have started taking better care of myself and making my health a priority.  I’m thankful for the ways I’ve grown this past month, and I’m especially thankful for Cason’s support.
  2. Cultivate a sense of peace in my home:
    Over the past month, my awareness has heightened tremendously in this area, and I’m thankful because that is the first step towards progress.  We’re on a journey together, and it’s about the process, not the destination.
  3. Seek to grow professionally:
    While I still have room to grow where I’m planted right now, I am excited for my future, professionally.  I’m so blessed by the experiences that have brought me where I am, and I’m excited for where I’m going.  I am thrilled to have an internship in a school district in South Carolina, and I cannot wait to see how I continue to grow in the field!
  4. Stay connected with friends:
    Can I just take a moment to say that I’m so incredibly proud of my friends? I still would like to continue to work on reaching out to them better and being there when they call!
  5. Stay on track with our budget:
    Whew, this is a challenge.  Thank goodness every single day for Cason’s flexibility with a changing budget and ability to stand his ground when I need it!  What a great provider and encourager he is.


March Goals

  1. Get out and go:
    I would love to get out and go to the market on Saturday mornings or spend Sunday afternoons in a hammock.  I want to spend the weekends getting out more this month, weather permitting!
  2. Cultivate a sense of peace in my home:
    I like this one.  I’m going to keep it here intentionally for this month and continue to update!
  3. Get ahead in my academics:
    March in college means Spring Break. SB in grad school, however, means something totally different than it does in high school and undergrad: catching up on work and sleep.  That’s the plan this month!
  4. Write some letters:
    When I felt discouraged in undergrad, I tried to reach out to others and encourage them.  Recently, a friend or two shared how much that meant to them, and it made me realize it was something I truly enjoyed doing.  I would really like to spend time this month reaching out and sending handwritten notes to friends.
  5. Spring cleaning:
    I have a huge master list for this apartment, and I can’t wait to sell/donate old items, de-clutter our space, and deep clean everything!  Even if it doesn’t stay clean, I would at least like to make an attempt this month! Ha!

became the stones

Two weeks ago today, I married the love of my life.  It’s hard to describe a day like that, so I will let the pictures do most of the talking.  However, I will say that the things I expected to care about most didn’t matter (aka, all the little details), and certain things took me by surprise.  (When my dad and I walked in during the ceremony, I was shocked to see so many people there to celebrate our wedding–one sweet surprise I will treasure…then all I could see was Cason for the rest of the ceremony.)   Ultimately, the wedding was a sweet celebration of the path we will walk down together.  Here’s a sneak peek of the photos:

101 things in 1001 days


So, after seeing this idea on several blogs, I’ve decided to also make a bucket list of sorts.  101 in 1001 is a list of 101 things I would like to accomplish in the next 1001 days (or 2.75 years).  For my complete list, click this link.

Just to give you an idea, some of the things I have included are things that should happen naturally, assuming  I continue on the path I’m on.  For example, getting my Specialist’s degree, getting a job, getting married, etc.  Others include things that I have always wanted to do but keep putting off, like taking a calligraphy class or finishing my family tree book.

Some things are things that I can do once and I’m done, while others address more long-term goals that I have (such as exercising).

The most appealing aspect of this list is that it gives me plenty of time to work on short- and long-term goals without the pressure of having to finish in a year. (I rarely enjoy making new year’s resolutions!)  I am excited about adding new things to the list and starting on this adventure!  I will do my best to update you as I start completing tasks.  Once a month, at the very least!

Any suggestions for my list?  Add them in a comment below!