february goals


Why is this crazy girl making goals for a month that’s almost over?  I know you’re all wondering, and here is the reason.  It has obviously been a pretty tough month, and I’m guessing that’s not just true for myself.  I’ve seen many posts on Facebook recently by friends far and near about the difficulties of grown-up life and everyday struggles.  So I gathered some inspiration from a sweet blogger over at Bloom. Each month she posts about goals and updates readers on her progress from the past month. I thought that breaking down long-term goals into more manageable, monthly goals is something I could really use to help relieve stress now.

Now, back to the part where this month is almost over.  Well, I also thought that there’s no time like the present.  I’m also the type of person who makes a to-do list and includes things I’ve already finished that day.  Crossing off things I’ve already completed makes me feel accomplished and helps me build momentum for the things yet to tackle.  I’m applying that same line of thinking here. So here we go!


February Goals

  1. Make my health a priority:
    I need to restructure what little extra time I have each day so that I am the most productive and least stressed.  It is important that I carve out intentional alone time each day.
  2. Cultivate a sense of peace in my home:
    Home should be a place to come to and shed all the armor we wear into battle each day.  It’s not a place to rant and stress and bring in the yuckiness of life. We’ve worked hard to create a beautiful home and life together, and I want to do a better job at honoring that.
  3. Seek to grow professionally:
    I really want to put myself out there more by not being afraid to ask for feedback and encouragement from my supervisors and professors.  I truly believe that I am pursuing a career where my talents and compassion collide.  In order to be successful, I need to continue to build my skills and my confidence.
  4. Stay connected with friends:
    My friends are intelligent, driven, and beautiful, and they are out doing wonderful things in this world.  They are encouraging and inspiring, and I want to reach out and hopefully continue to encourage them as well.
  5. Stay on track with our budget:
    Overall, I think we have done really well with our new financial plans! I tend to stress when I shouldn’t, especially considering how things have gone so far.  We are tackling expenses together and living within our means, and I appreciate the type of discipline that teaches.

My only thoughts so far about these goals is that they are hard to quantify and track.  I’m gonna go with it and see how it goes.  If we need to add some numbers in next month, we will! What goals have you already tackled this month?

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