wedding wednesday: our venue

Though I always thought I wanted to get married in a church, when it came right down to it, this place was it!  The vision that Cason and I (mostly the latter) had dancing around in our heads was perfectly fulfilled in Vinewood Plantation.  Let’s take a quick tour, shall we?

Vinewood Plantation’s house is the first thing you see when driving onto the property. If you think the outside is gorgeous, you should see the perfectly decorated rooms on the inside! It’s going to be perfect for getting dressed with the ladies and taking lots of photos!
The back of the house is just as gorgeous! It houses rooms for the groomsmen to get ready in without spotting the bride and her bridesmaids. Also a great spot for a photo op!
The barn is the perfect place for a rustic-glam reception! I’ve seen all the fabulous ways to decorate this spot, and I can’t wait to walk in after the wedding and see how everything comes together for our special day!
Here’s one example of the inside of the decor inside the barn. How fabulous is the draping and the chandelier?
One of the many fabulous details at Vinewood includes their eclectic collection of perfectly mismatched wooden chairs. I can’t wait for my guests to sit in chairs as unique as they are! I think it’s a great image of many different people coming together to support us on our wedding day.

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