never have I ever…

Never have I ever heard of a ganglion cyst…until last week.

While this is quite possibly the lamest “Never have I ever,” ever, it’s true and quite relevant to my life now.  Let me tell you more:
Several weeks ago I noticed a small knot on my right wrist.  “No big deal,” I thought.  I brushed it off.  Fast-forward from four weeks ago to last week, and this tiny little knot starts causing all sorts of pain in my wrist.  “What is going on,” I thought.  So, at the recommendation of my future-nurse/boyfriend and my long-term nurse-by-experience mom, I went to get a brace for my wrist and started taking some anti-inflammatory medicine.  Then I made an appointment at the school’s health clinic–which is legit, by the way.

So this morning I go to the clinic, and guess what I have…That’s right, a ganglion cyst.  Now before you go googling photos, please remember that I said I have a tiny little knot.  Some google images of ganglion cysts are straight up nasty; let this serve as your warning.  Mine, however, is about as big around as the home button on your iPhone and about as raised as the lock button on top of your iPhone.  (If you don’t have an iPhone, chances are, in this decade, that you still get the gist of my comparison.)  Like I said before, it’s tiny, but it packs a pretty big punch some days.

The doctor said that they usually go away on their own, so that’s what I will be praying for.  She also recommended, like my nurses, that I take anti-inflammatory medicine for at least the next week and come back if the pain does not decrease.  No worries, all.  Everything should work out; I just thought I’d  share this new experience and keep y’all in this odd loop.  And that concludes todays episode of the worst “never have I ever,” ever.

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