the last Baylor update from Georgia

Wow, that title actually makes me a little sad.  There are some things that are starting to sink in, as the move to Waco is just days away.

My best friend, Kevin, married the girl of his dreams on Saturday.  The wedding was beautiful–a true worship ceremony and celebration of the union of two families.  If I can be a tad selfish for a moment, though, I was honestly most thankful for one last opportunity to see some of the best friends I made while at Mercer, Kevin included.  These people really got to know me, and they loved me through thick and thin–mostly thin, or thick, whichever is worse.  As I left the wedding following the bride and groom’s departure, I wept.  Not like Jesus wept in the garden, I’m sure, but these were no alligator tears.  It just hit me that this would be the last time I saw everyone in person for at least six months, possibly longer.  While some of my friends will be finishing up their senior year at Mercer, many of my friends are going off in completely different directions, from grad school at UGA to an RUF internship in North Carolina to working a big-girl job locally.  Then there’s me, and I’m moving 714 miles away from home.  Seven hundred fourteen miles away from home.  It’s exciting, but the reality that I will see my friends less and less has hit.

On another note, everything is packed!  Minus the clothes and random things I will need for the last couple of days, all my stuff is packed in boxes and bags.  We even started loading up the cars.  Cason’s car is probably filled with more of my stuff than his.  Oops.  Thankfully, I am confident that everything that’s left will fit in the car space that we still have available.

I also finalized my list of crockpot meals that I want to make when I get to Texas.  I’m looking forward to creating several freezer meals that I can throw into the crockpot for an easy dinner.  It’s a good way to have a hearty meal without the hefty price.  Making everything in advance also cuts down on the time that I would have to spend cooking and cleaning each day.  I’m really eager to see how these meals turn out.  Photos to come!

I don’t have too much more in the way of actual updates about school.  I start on the 26th, but I have lots and lots of orientations and trainings next week.  I’m really looking forward to getting settled into my new room and starting this new chapter.  I’m sure you will hear more from me once I get all settled in!

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