there’s no place like Mercer

So today is my parents’ anniversary, and I wanted to take a brief moment to say Happy Anniversary!  I am very thankful to have parents who have done everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) it takes to stick together, love one another, and provide a wonderful home and life for me.  Their relationship has taught me that love is about committing yourself to another person and reminding yourself of the responsibilities of that commitment each and every day.  It’s not always about romance, gifts, and flowers, though there’s been a lot of that too.  Love is a beautiful balance between butterflies and commitment.  Any who, happy anniversary to my wonderful parents.  May there be many more.

lucybballThis past weekend I went back to Mercer, which I thoroughly enjoy.  Lately I’ve been hanging around at the house trying and failing to think of productive things to do.  So it’s always nice to head back to Macon and enjoy some productive time with friends.  I got to cheer on my Mercer Bears basketball team for a win.  When I first went to Mercer I was unsure of how this basketball thing was gonna go.  I have cheered for football, both on the sidelines and on the couch practically since I could walk and talk, so not cheering my school on in football was going to be new for me.  However, I soon found that standing court-side at a basketball game with some of your closest friends and cheering on your team is some of the most fun you can have.  I’m thankful for friends like Hailey Cox and Cassie Sanders who took me under their wing freshman year and taught me all I needed to know about basketball.  I’m also glad to have a student section like the Hoffman’s Hooligans, which beats any other A-Sun student section any day.  It has been an honor to be a part of the traditions that have grown at Mercer over just the past four years, and I’m looking forward to seeing them continue.

MollieKDThen the ATOs were having an initiation party Saturday evening, which I went to with my friend, Mollie.  A word of advice to you smarty pants out there who are thinking about graduating early: DON’T!  While you may not miss the classes, the reading, or the homework, you WILL miss the people, almost immediately.  This weekend a friend asked me how my Mercer experience was on a scale of 1 to 10, and I didn’t miss a beat in responding with an enthusiastic, “TEN!”  While college certainly had its ups and downs, it was all well worth it.  What made it worth it was the people, and I wish I had learned that earlier.  I worked hard to keep a good GPA to get into grad school, but if I had trusted myself more to balance work and relationships, I would have discovered sooner that friends are the key to keeping you sane.

MKI was plugged in.  I had 75 sisters I could call at any given time.  I had a community in RUF who had my back.  Yet it wasn’t until my last semester that it all really clicked for me.  Those were the things that mattered.  Looking back, I reflect on the nights I stayed up too late with my sisters or went on retreats with RUF.  The things I learned in the classroom are invaluable, but the things I learned about myself through my friends can’t be taught in the classroom.  I guess that’s why they call it the college experience; you need all of it in order to grow like you want to.  So take advantage of it, and don’t leave a moment sooner than you have to! I know that someday soon I’m going to have to acknowledge that I’ve graduated and learn to move on, but for now I’ll stick to going to as many games and events as I still can before the real world hits.

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