China to-do list

I have about 10 to-do lists floating around of things I need to accomplish before I leave for China, so I thought I’d take the time to organize them into one list on the blog.

Organize & backup laptop
Organize & purge email inboxes and folders
Purge Facebook (sorry ‘friends’)
Organize & purchase music (accepting mix CDs for my trip!)
Sync music with iPHONE and iPAD
Update & sync apps
Organize chargers/cords/accessories
Find operating CDs for laptop
Cancel Hulu & Netflix subscriptions (sorry moocher ‘friends’)
Get camera cleaned

Travel Documents
Make passport copies
Get notarized diploma copies
Get official transcript copies

Organize a travel folder

Mac adaptor cord for projector
Wool socks
Long underwear
Face cleanser

First aid kit (I plan to take enough medicine to run a pharmacy)
Prescription medicines for 6 months
EASY MAC (& I hope to get care packages with this in them!)

Small gifts for students
20 magazines for students

Phone #s & addresses
Skype friends
Language flash cards
Add mom to bank accounts
Notify bank accounts of travel dates
Pick 2 Bibles to take & devotional materials
Photos of family & friends

Oh gosh, this list is longer than I anticipated, and I have a feeling that I’m still forgetting things.  Updates to come.

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