101 in 1001


I’ve been thinking about doing a list of 101 things to accomplish in 1001 days (or about 2.75 years) for a while now.  I originally came across this on Mackenzie’s Design Darling blog, and I’ve seen it across a few other blogs since then.  Then I was packing to move to my apartment this week, and I came across one of my unfinished summer bucket lists.  So, I decided it was time to start on a new project and give myself a little more time to finish!

Start: July 12, 2014
End: April 8, 2017
Completed: 26/101
Updated: October 26, 2015

  1. Make a list of 101 things (8/11/14)
  2. Make a list of 50 books (8/11/14)
  3. Marry the man of my dreams (1/3/15)
  4. Write love letters at least once a month for a year
  5. Go on our first cruise together (1/4/15)
  6. Write thank-you notes to everyone who attends the wedding/sends best wishes
  7. Move into a new apartment together
  8. Complete our family tree book
  9. Complete our wedding book
  10. Make gifts for my new family members on their birthdays
  11. Order our wedding photos & display them (10/2015)
  12. Complete our 2014 Valentine’s Dates
  13. Start a new holiday tradition (& continue it the next year) (2016, Waffle House Christmas Day)
  14. Take pictures in the Texas Bluebonnets next spring (2015)
  15. Take him to a concert of his choosing
  16. Take him to a brewery
  17. Have a spa day
  18. Get a puppy together (3/24/2015)
  19. Train said puppy (2015)
  20. Stay at the bed and breakfast in my tiny hometown
  21. TA Security Couple
  22. Take 1 year anniversary photos (2016)
  23. Take photos with our baby nephew
  24. Take family photos (beyond the wedding photos)
  25. Write a letter to my future self
  26. Read letter to my future self one year later
  27. Participate in a Bible study at home daily for 2 weeks
  28. Create ‘toss’ & ‘donate’ bins (7/24/14)
  29. Toss at least 1 old thing each month for at least 6 months (6/6 in 2015)
  30. Donate at least 1 gently used article of clothing per month for at least 3 months (March 2015)
  31. Play the cello again (12/24/14)
  32. Save $100 a month for at least a year and leave it untouched (0/12)
  33. Read 50 books (?/50)
  34. Get another library card (9/2014)
  35. Write 50 letters to friends and family
  36. Read one news article a day for 12 of 14 consecutive days
  37. Start buying/making legit gifts for Dad for his birthday/Father’s Day
  38. Start buying/making legit gifts for Mom for her birthday/Mother’s Day
  39. Send birthday cards to parents, grandparents, siblings and first cousins in 2015
  40. Take a calligraphy class
  41. Join another book club
  42. Make strawberry jam with my mom
  43. Organize all of my favorite family recipes (8/2014)
  44. Cook through #43 for Cason during our first year of marriage
  45. See three concerts (Adele, Lumineers, mini concerts)
  46. Get the tattoo I’ve wanted for years (!!!! 2017)
  47. Call my dad on the phone at least once a week for at least a month
  48. Wake up to watch the sunrise 6 times in a year
  49. Win a giveaway from a blog (won 7/23/14)
  50. Go one week without drinking soda
  51. Drink 64 oz. of water a day for a week
  52. Drink 64 oz. of water a day for 2 weeks
  53. Lose 20+ pounds
  54. Work out 2 times a week for 2 weeks
  55. Work out 3 times a week for 3 weeks
  56. Make and follow a weekly meal plan for at least 2 weeks
  57. Make and follow a weekly meal plan for a month
  58. Purchase groceries at the local farmer’s market for at least one week
  59. Attend a yoga class
  60. Do yoga 3 nights a week for a month
  61. Do yoga 5 nights a week for a month
  62. Go to bed at 10pm 12 out of 14 consecutive nights
  63. Plan a week’s worth of outfits on Sunday evening
  64. Work with my own client at the BUCDD/CARE (started 8/2014)
  65. Attend the 2015 TxABA Conference in Houston (2015)
  66. Land a fabulous school psychology internship
  67. Attend the 2016 NASP Convention in New Orleans (hopefully!) (Feb 2016)
  68. Become a Nationally Certified School Psychologist (NCSP) (July 2016)
  69. Land a fabulous job as a school psychologist (July 2016)
  70. Attend the 2017 NASP Convention in San Antonio (hopefully!)
  71. Save up for a trip to Europe
  72. Visit 10 new cities
  73. Turn a trip home into a fun road trip (stop in at least 3 cities for more than an hour)
  74. Visit friends in OKC
  75. Take an impromptu vacation (Texas, March 2017)
  76. Go fishing
  77. Go float the river
  78. Take another day trip to Austin (10/2014 w/Kristin)
  79. Bonus
  80. Bonus
  81. Bonus
  83. Get all of my email inboxes down to 10 or less emails
  84. Get rid of my old yahoo email
  85. Go through all my old school binders & keep only the necessities
  86. Update my home binder (in progress)
  87. Organize my ABA binder (7/22/14)
  88. Get rid of at least 20 things when I move into my new apartment
  89. Create a weekly menu board in a format that works for me
  90. Donate to the Alpha Delta Pi Foundation
  91. Donate to Mercer University
  92. Donate to an organization raises Autism awareness
  93. Serve as an advisor to an ADPi chapter for over a year (1/2015)
  94. Write a letter to my sponsored child every other month for a year
  95. Bonus
  96. Bonus
  97. Bonus
  98. Bonus
  99. Bonus
  100. Bonus

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